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How to Make Marriage and Married in Infinite Craft

Check out the recipes and combinations to follow to create ‘Marriage’ and ‘Married’ in this game.



recipe combination marriage and married infinity craft

Words related to Relationships are very popular among players of this viral browser-crafting game because they can lead to some interesting outcomes in advanced crafts. For example, Marriage and Kanye West can create Kimye, and Married with Date can create Anniversary. So, to help you with this, here’s how to make Marriage and Married in Infinite Craft.

How to Make Marriage in Infinite Craft

Combining Dating with Earth will get you ‘Marriage’ in this game.

  • Earth + Wind = Dust
  • Fire + Water = Steam
  • Dust + Earth = Planet
  • Water + Water = Lake
  • Planet + Steam = Steampunk
  • Lake + Water = Ocean
  • Ocean + Steampunk = Steampunk Pirate
  • Steampunk Pirate + Wind = Airship
  • Dust + Ocean = Sand
  • Earth + Water = Plant
  • Airship + Fire = Crash
  • Plant + Sand = Cactus
  • Cactus + Crash = Desert
  • Desert + Ocean = Mirage
  • Mirage + Mirage = Oasis
  • Oasis + Plant = Date
  • Date + Water = Dating
  • Dating + Earth = Marriage
how to make marriage and married infinite craft

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How to Make Married in Infinite Craft

This is going to be a long journey of 133 steps if you start from scratch, but the process will be faster if you’ve already unlocked a lot of these elements beforehand.

Basically, you need to combine Not with Single to get Married.

Ingredient 1Ingredient 2Results
Earth Wind Dust
Earth Water Plant
Water Water Lake
Fire Water Steam
Dust Earth Planet
Plant Wind Dandelion
Lake Water Ocean
Planet Steam Steampunk
Dust Lake Mud
Dandelion Dandelion Dandelion Patch
Plant Steam Tea
Planet Wind Storm
Plant Plant Tree
Lake Ocean Sea
Earth Fire Lava
Ocean Steampunk Steampunk Pirate
Mud Water Swamp
Fire Wind Smoke
Dandelion Patch Lake Duck
Storm Tea Tempest
Dust Tree Wood
Lava Sea Stone
Steam Steampunk Pirate Steampunk Pirate Ship
Plant Swamp Venus Flytrap
Smoke Wind Cloud
Duck Water Duckling
Tea Tempest Typhoon
Earth Earth Mountain
Steampunk Pirate Wind Airship
Fire Wood Campfire
Steampunk Pirate Ship Stone Stonehenge
Cloud Venus Flytrap Cloud Trap
Duck Duckling Family
Fire Typhoon Volcano
Dust Ocean Sand
Ocean Tempest Tsunami
Mountain Wind Avalanche
Airship Lava Dragon
Campfire Earth Charcoal
Steam Stonehenge Time
Earth Tea Teapot
Cloud Trap Sea Fish
Earth Family Farm
Dust Volcano Ash
Dust Sand Sandstorm
Avalanche Tsunami Disaster
Dandelion Dragon Dragonfly
Charcoal Dust Diamond
Airship Fire Crash
Lake Time Aeon
Swamp Teapot Witch
Fish Lake Fishing
Fire Steam Engine
Planet Time Universe
Planet Planet Star
Farm Plant Food
Ash Dust Cinder
Disaster Sandstorm Dust Bowl
Dragonfly Dust Fairy
Crash Diamond Emerald
Aeon Time Eternity
Witch Witch Witch Hut
Engine Fishing Fishing Rod
Fire Universe Big Bang
Fish Water Fishbowl
Plant Star Sun
Engine Food Fuel
Earth Farm Field
Water Wind Wave
Cinder Stone Glass
Dust Bowl Wind Dust Storm
Fairy Plant Flower
Emerald Time Green
Aeon Eternity Forever
Time Witch Hut Wizard
Fishing Rod Wind Kite
Big Bang Mud Human
Fire Fishbowl Goldfish
Food Food Meal
Disaster Time History
Lake Sun Sunset
Fuel Water Gasoline
Field Steam Fog
Glass Wave Lens
Dust Storm Planet Mars
Flower Plant Garden
Plant Tree Forest
Forever Green Money
Smoke Wizard Genie
Kite Stone Paper
Dust Human Mummy
Goldfish Swamp Piranha
History Meal Thanksgiving
Ocean Sunset Beach
Fog Gasoline Smog
Fire Forever Hell
Lens Swamp Microscope
Engine Mars Rover
Garden Garden Park
Forest Forest Jungle
Dust Storm Venus Flytrap Dust Trap
Genie Money Rich
Mummy Paper Wrap
Piranha Smoke Vampire
Beach Thanksgiving Turkey
Smog Venus Flytrap Air Pollution
Hell Volcano Satan
Cloud Microscope Rain
Mars Rover Curiosity
Garden Park Zoo
Jungle Tsunami Tiger
Avalanche Earth Landslide
Dust Trap Venus Flytrap Flypaper
Money Rich Richer
Wrap Wrap Blanket
Turkey Vampire Count
Air Pollution Tsunami Global Warming
Rain Satan Acid Rain
Curiosity Curiosity Question
Earth Zoo Animal
Tiger Tree Tiger Woods
Flypaper Landslide Sticky Situation
Blanket Richer Warmer
Count Count Number
Acid Rain Global Warming Climate Change
Animal Question Answer
Diamond Mud Ring
Sticky Situation Tiger Woods Divorce
Number Warmer Hotter
Answer Climate Change Denial
Divorce Ring Single
Denial Hotter Not
Not Single Married

That’s all for this one! If you’re interested to make BlackpinkPlayStationLotus Flower, Technology, or Stardew Valley in Infinite Craft, we’ve got just the recipes you need.

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