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Soulmask: How to Get More Tribesmen

Grow your clan with more new Tribe members in Soulmask!



collecting information from barbarian scout

If you’d like to expand your clan and get more new Tribesmen in Soulmask, there’s a specific process to follow to recruit people. The trick is similar to how you’d clear the fog of war and unlock the map. Find more details in this guide.

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How to Get More Tribesmen in Soulmask

find recruits in soulmask for clan

When you find a group of Tribesmen in a camp, first use Q (Life Perception) to see the type of enemy you are dealing with, including their levels. These camps should be marked on the map for you and they should be easy to find.

When you have a main target that you want to add to your clan, kill the others so that they don’t kill you. Melee attack your victim but bring their health down to 20% max HP. Remember, don’t kill the person you want to recruit!

When their health is low enough, at close range, you’ll see a prompt on the screen to press E for your mask power to deter the enemy. Soon, they will fall unconscious.

pick up new tribesman in soulmask

image credit: Bor of Sol on Youtube

Then press G to pick them up and take them home. When you reach your home, drop them.

get recruits recognition to 500 soulmask

image credit: Bor of Sol on Youtube

The goal now is to get to recognition level 500. You can heal them by interacting with them, and clicking on View Items. Use a Simple Bandage on them by putting it in the tribesman’s inventory/personal belongings and pressing G.

heal recruit with bandage

image credit: Bor of Sol on Youtube

You can also feed them soup and that can be done by interacting with them > clicking on View Items > dragging a soup from your inventory to theirs. Right-click on the item and click on Transfer.

feed soup to recruit

image credit: Bor of Sol on Youtube

Wait it out and when the recognition level hits 500, interact with the person and that’s it. Your clan in Soulmask just got a new Tribe member!

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