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How to Manage Food Spoilage Better in Soulmask

Here’s what you can do to slow down the process of food decay in Soulmask.



how to prevent food from spoiling soulmask

Since Soulmask is a survival-crafting game, an important part of keeping track of your resources is knowing when your food will decay and how to stop it. This is where Ice in Soulmask comes into the picture—it will help prevent food from spoiling fast and for that, you require the building called the Ice Cellar. Here’s a guide with all the details.

How to Stop Food from Spoiling in Soulmask

ice cellar soulmask

By using the freezing effect of ice, you can preserve perishable food items at low temperatures, thereby reducing the speed at which the ingredients will get spoiled. For this purpose, you can craft an Ice Cellar which can be built with 100 Stone Bricks and 50 Clay and it can be made at the Building Workshop.

If you don’t have Stone Bricks yet, you can craft them with a Stone and 4 Flints at the Building Workshop as well. To get Clay, you can find Clay veins near water bodies and mine them with a pickaxe.

However, keep in mind that you will have to reach Awareness Strength level 40 to unlock the Ice Cellar and since that will take some time, there are workarounds that you can use to stop food from spoiling fast. Side Note: If food does spoil, you can use the outcome of ‘Carrion’ to craft Purified Poison.

When you get Fresh Meat from hunting animals, you need to cook and eat it right away because it will go bad in 2.5 hours. All you have to do is use Fresh Meat at the Campfire and you should be good to go. You can also build a Cooking Stove with 10 Branches, 20 Stones, and 2 Ceramic Molds.

Apart from that, you can specifically look for food items that do not decay such as Carcass Chunks (which can be obtained from butchering the animals you hunt) and dried food (which can be made with a Drying Rack). Premium Fresh Meat is a high-quality meat that you can get via the butcher’s table and you need various premium Carcass Chunks for it. Once you have the Premium Fresh Meat, you can use it in multiple crafting recipes like Premium Steak, Premium Jerky, Fish Hotchpotch, Premium Cooked Meat, and more.

Ultimately, to avoid wasting food that you’ve painstakingly collected, try eating the food item that’s closest to spoiling by keeping an eye on the spoilage timers. Keep following these steps until you can unlock the Ice Cellar and then, preserving food will instantly get easier for you.

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