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Soulmask: Where to Find Deer (Map Location)

Here’s the specific area on the map where you can find Deer and Moose to collect deerskin as well as carcass chunks in Soulmask.



where to find and farm deer soulmask

Deer in Soulmask will get you Deerskin and Deer Carcass Chunks which can be pretty useful for survival. The former can be processed into premium leather and the latter are ingredients in various crafting recipes.

Now, Deer can be quite skittish and once you head to the map location mentioned below, be sure to crouch and approach slowly if you’re going melee or use a bow and arrows to kill it from a distance.

Where to Find Deer in Soulmask (Map Location)

The best location to find Deer is to head to the Table Mountain region on the map, near the snowy area. Here’s the specific section where you can spot these creatures and attack them from a distance.

map location to find deer in soulmask

image credits: UGN Network PC on YouTube

Deer skin is obtainable from two animals as of now—Moose and White-tailed Deer. It’s an ingredient in the recipes of Rough Leather, Leather, Premium Leather and Damage Mod 1.

The Deer Carcass Chunk is used in several recipes at the Butcher’s Table such as crafting Fresh Meat, Beast Bones, and even Deerskin.

With Beast Bones, you can make armor, lots of weapons, useful tools, throwables, bone powder and the building of Statue of God, so you will need to farm Deer in Soulmask quite often.

white tailed deer to harvest deerskin and carcass chunk

image credits: UGN Network PC on YouTube

Fresh Meat can be used in the crafting recipes of cooked meat, broth, fried potato bun, fruit kebab, and carrion. It will spoil within 2.5 hours though, so make sure you know how to prevent food from decaying fast.

And that’s where to find deer in Soulmask, how to kill them and how to use the resources you collect from this animal. Speaking of resources, be sure to explore our guides on Gaming Inbox for more specific locations of crucial materials you need for survival in this game.

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