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Soulmask: Where To Find Ice (Map Location)

You will need ice for your ice cellar in Soulmask which is a great way to keep your food fresh for longer.



ice in soulmask

To survive the harsh world of Soulmask, you will need to collect plenty of food, however, it can spoil fast if you don’t have ice. While it’s obvious that you can find ice in the snowy region of the map (here’s how to clear the fog of war if you haven’t done so already). In this guide, you’ll find out how to farm ice so that your food stays unspoiled for longer.

Where to Find and Farm Ice in Soulmask (Map Location)

  • Head to the Snow Mountain region, especially near the lake as shown in the map below.

map location to farm ice in soulmask

  • Use the Mysterious Portal to navigate faster or travel with a fast mount.
harvest ice chunks with pickaxe to get ice

image credits: DaOpa on YouTube

  • Use your Pickaxe to mine the ice chunks that are floating on water. They should instantly break and you will have collected ice easily. This is the location where you can farm ice so you can keep coming here whenever you need this resource.
  • Note that the better your Pickaxe, the more ice you can harvest from a single chunk.

Now that you have ice, you can use it in the Ice Cellar to preserve food ingredients at low temperatures and reduce the spoilage speed. The Ice Cellar can be crafted with 95 Stone Bricks and 48 Clay. You can find Clay veins near water bodies like rivers and lakes and once you do, mine them with your pickaxe. And you can craft Stone Bricks with a Stone and x4 Flint at the Building Workshop.

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