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Where to Get Tin in Soulmask (Map Locations)



tin in soulmask

Tin Ore is an important material in Soulmask because it is needed to smelt into Tin Ingots, which in turn will help you craft Bronze Ingots and Radiation Proof Mod 1. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find it on the map.

How to Get Tin Ore in Soulmask

You can use a Beast Bone Pickaxe or higher to mine Tin Ore veins in Pits. You can focus on the map regions of Western Rainforest and Pit Hill to find them. Here’s an example of a Small Pit and Medium Pit where you can mine Tin Ores.

small and medium pit to mine tin soulmask

Image source: Ryel on YouTube

Once you have mined it, you can approach a Furnace and craft Tin Ingots with 2x Tin Ores.

Now if you already have x2 Copper Ingots, you need x1 Tin Ingot to craft x1 Bronze Ingot at the Furnace.

And if you have 2x Silver Ingot and 2x Bee Wax along with 2x Tin Ingots, you can craft Radiation Proof Mod 1 at the Craftsman’s Bench. This is one of the ways to protect your character from radiation in Soulmask.

If you’d like to have a steady flow of Bronze, Copper and Tin, here’s a video that shows you how to get it done. You need 3 Furnaces and 3 assigned NPC workers to efficiently get these minerals in your base.

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