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How to Get Copper Wire in Soulmask

Here’s how to get Copper Wire in Soulmask with Copper Ingots, as it’s an important material in Armor Forging Table Part 1, Defense Mod and more.



make copper wire in soulmask

Copper Wire is a crucial ingredient for the Armor Forging Table Part 1, Defense Mod 1 and various buildings like Wooden Man, Hanging Firebowl, Pipe Gatherer, as well as the Water Bucket container. But if you don’t have a Copper Ingot yet, here’s how you can get it first to eventually make Copper Wire in Soulmask.

How to Make Copper Ingots in Soulmask

copper ore and ingot in soulmask

Copper Ingots can be smelted from 2 Copper Ore and the station you need for it is the Furnace. If you’re short of Copper Ore, you can mine it from Ore veins with a Beast Bone Pickaxe or any other Pickaxe that’s higher.

Head over to pits/mines in the Northern Rainforest, River Valley, Rift Valley, Rocky Bottomland, and The Wild to stock up on Copper Ore. Once you have enough, you’re ready to smelt Copper Ingots.

You can use them to make Copper Wire as well as Bronze Ingot, Metal Part, and various Lamps.

How to Make Copper Wire in Soulmask

  • You need 2 Copper Ingots to craft Copper Wire at the Armor Forging Table.

Crafting Recipes with Copper Wire

things to craft with copper wire in soulmask

Armor Forging Table Part 1

  • Thin Rope x10
  • Plank x20
  • Copper Wire x10
  • Copper Ingot x20

Defense Mod 1

  • Required: Copper Wire x10
  • Optional: Raw Lacquer x1 , Mineral Oil Mineral Oil x2

Wooden Man

  • Hardwood Plank x10
  • Hardwood Handle x10
  • Copper Wire x10
  • Copper Ingot x10

Water Bucket

  • Plank x10
  • Copper Wire x2
  • Wooden Handle x2

Hanging Firebowl

  • Bronze Ingot x20
  • Copper Wire x10

Pipe Gatherer

  • Leather x10
  • Bronze Ingot x10
  • Plank x20
  • Copper Wire x5

That’s everything on how to get Copper Wire in Soulmask. Be sure to check out our other guides on how to recharge Mask Energy, as well as tips on finding resources like adhesivehow to fill water trough for animalshow to move baseget rid of radiation, and connect to a server.

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