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Soulmask: How to Get Rid of Radiation

These are the different ways to reduce the amount of radiation your character takes and what you can do to get rid of it in Soulmask.



get rid of radiation after traveling to wasteland

Soulmask is packed with dangers in every corner and one such hazard is Radiation. You will get radiation damage in particular regions on the map such as the Wasteland, and a high exposure can lower your character’s morale. While you can avoid these zones, you might have to go there for some reasons, like getting adhesive. Here’s how you can protect yourself from radiation or get rid of it in Soulmask.

How to Protect yourself from Radiation in Soulmask

Certain masks will give you radiation resistance and other defensive buffs such as the Explorer (you can unlock it at level 60 Holy Ruins) which has Special Mode (Mimicry).

explorer mask in soulmask

It releases a special nano-material to cover the whole body providing insulation, which will help your character tolerate the impact of radiation, as well as poison and temperature changes in the environment. You do need Yellow Crystals to activate the Mimicry mode. There’s also the Electromagnetic Barrier which activates a field of shields that can withstand radiation-powered weapons attacks.

If you clear the enemies and boss in the Holy Ruins next to the crater, you will see a triangular structure. Interact with it and you will get the Anti-Radiation tower. Its official description states, “the mysterious energy device of the Ancient Civilization can block radiation within a radius of 30 meters.”

anti radiation tower

Image credit: DaOpa on YouTube

Apart from this, you can also use Radiation Proof armor mods. Plus, if your mount is affected by it right now, you can put the mod on its saddle, which should help a bit.

These mods can be crafted at the Craftsman’s Bench and here are the materials you need:

Radiation Proof Mod 1 – Radiation-proof: 5%

  • Tin Ingot × 2
  • Silver Ingot × 2
  • Bee Wax × 2

Radiation Proof Mod 2 – Radiation-proof: 10%

  • Rubber × 5
  • Silver Ingot × 5
  • Mineral Oil × 2
  • Bee Wax × 2

Another trick mentioned by a Redditor is to use an Ostrich mount because since they survive well in the radiation storms, they can make for a good mount if you’re venturing into those particular zones.

ostrich mount to navigate wastelands with radiation

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How to Get Rid of Radiation in Soulmask

To remove radiation on your character, you need to use the Anti-Radiation Essence medicine. You can craft it at the Brewing Stand with x1 Excitant, x4 Cactus Essence, x2 Essential Oil and x2 Mysterious Magnet.

Anti-Radiation Essence medicine

Excitant – Crafted at the Brewing Stand

  • Dried Tobacco × 2
  • Cocoa Powder × 5
  • Cactus Essence × 2
  • Acidic Fluid × 5

Cactus Essence – Crafted at the Brewing Stand

  • Cactus Juice × 2
  • Cactus Flower × 1

Essential Oil – Crafted at the Distiller

  • Acidic Fluid × 5

You can also create it with Herb, x20 Tobacco.

Mysterious Magnet

  • This item can be found in chests from the Giant Crater Holy Ruins.

You can also focus on your character’s basic stats like Physique which, for every point of Physique, you get various resistances and also helps you remove residual Radiation from the body faster.

mixed jam for radiation

Lastly, Mixed Jam is a food item that will help you get rid of radiation in Soulmask. You can craft it with Salsa x4, Papaya x2, Honey x4 at the Worktop.

When you consume it, you get Max Stamina +20, Movement Speed +10%, Radiation -3 per minute for 30 minutes, Satiety +60, grants enhanced recovery for 10 seconds, and uplifts Mood.

That was every known mechanic that you can use to prevent getting high radiation and get rid of it in Soulmask. For more tips and tricks related to Soulmask like how to get more tribesmen, cure diseases and keep food unspoiled for longer, check out our guides on Gaming Inbox.

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