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Which Country is Nova Scotia in BitLife?

You won’t find this location under the menu options…so where is Nova Scotia really?



where is nova scotia in bitlife custom life

Some challenges from this game may require you to create a new life in a different country or a specific location, and one such place that you might come across is Nova Scotia. Which country is Nova Scotia in BitLife? The location won’t be present in the game directly, which can be confusing — here’s what you need to know.

Where is Nova Scotia in Bitlife?

Nova Scotia itself isn’t a selectable location in Bitlife since it’s a province (one of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada). It’s also not a city that can be selected. However, Canada is a playable country, and Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, is one of the available cities to choose from when starting a new life in Canada on Bitlife.

halifax canada to start new life in nova scotia in bitlife

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So, when you begin a new custom life for a challenge that has a requirement of being born in Nova Scotia, select Canada under the Country tab and Halifax under the City tab. Then, Begin Life.

born in halifax canada bitlife

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Once you do this, you will see that your age is 0 years, born as whichever gender you chose, in Halifax, Canada and it should complete the first part of the challenge you’re trying to finish.

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