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Why Can’t I React to a Message on Discord? (Answered)

Wondering why your reaction is blocked on Discord? These are all the reasons why this is happening.



why cant i react to a message on discord

Reactions are a huge part of Discord, with Nitro users even having access to their Super versions, so, it can be confusing if you can’t react to a particular message while chatting. There are multiple reasons why this could be happening and in this guide, I’ll be sharing the troubleshooting steps to take next.

Why Can’t I React to a Message on Discord?

You may not be able to add a reaction to a message on Discord because you don’t have the right channel or user role permission, it’s a technical glitch, or because the person whose message you’re reacting to, has blocked you.

Let’s look at every point in some more detail with ways to narrow down the actual reason why this is happening.

Channel Permissions

edit channel permissions

There are some channels where the server admins may have turned off the option to react to messages. This could be done to avoid spamming since many messages get spammed with unrelated reactions, especially in huge servers.

channel permission settings to disable reactions

User Permissions

Similar to channel permissions, if you don’t have the Add Reactions permissions as a user, you won’t be able to react to messages. Often, newly added members may not be able to react but this could change as you stay in the server longer. You will be able to see the reactions added by others, though.

You can also talk to a server admin to know whether this was done in error or it was intentional.

It’s a Glitch

If you were able to add reactions earlier, and the server admins have already told you that they have not changed permissions, then it could be a temporary technical glitch.

Close the Discord app, restart your PC/mobile device, and relaunch the client to check if it fixed itself. If Discord servers are down at the moment, you may face multiple issues like messages not going through, getting logged out, reactions getting disabled, a grey screen and much more. In such a scenario, you need to wait it out until the servers are stabilized and the features of the platform work properly.

You are Blocked

Unfortunately, if you were able to react to someone’s messages earlier but can’t do so anymore on Discord, chances are that they have blocked you. If you try to add a reaction and it disappears, then it means that you’re blocked by the user.

The best way to determine why you can’t react to a message on Discord is to try reaching out to a server admin or moderator for clarification.

Aside from this particular issue, if you can also hear yourself while voice chatting, or you’re unable to join a server, here’s what you need to do.

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