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Roblox Health Bar Not Showing? All You Need to Know

Users on PC, console and mobile are facing an issue where their health bar has disappeared from every Roblox game. Don’t worry, this isn’t permanent!



roblox missing health bar fix

Roblox users end up facing various errors in-game and one such recurring error is where the health bar is not showing at all. This might happen in a particular experience or it could be a widespread issue affecting all Roblox titles. As you have already seen, it can be especially annoying in fighting games where, without a health bar, you won’t be able to gauge your current/remaining health and make strategic decisions. Not knowing when to retreat, hide, heal, or go for an attack can lead to frustration and unnecessary deaths.

Here are the reasons why you can’t see your HP in Roblox and what to do in this scenario.

Roblox Health Bar Not Showing

It could be a glitch

Close the game as well as the Roblox app and relaunch it. If it was a technical glitch, starting over should ideally resolve the problem.

It could be a Roblox bug

roblox hp health bar disappeared and gone

Image source: Reddit

There may be a temporary bug with Roblox itself. This has happened in the past, especially with certain games like Jailbreak. You can check the Roblox website or social media for any announcements about this bug and also if other players are experiencing similar issues. The comments under Roblox’s downdetector page should give you an idea too.

If everyone is facing the no health bar issue, then wait it out and it should get fixed on its own.

It could be a Game Issue

The specific game you’re playing might have a bug with the health bar. This could be due to the game’s code or an issue might have come up after a new update. Try playing a different game to see if the health bar works there. You can also contact the developer via social media like Twitter/Discord to let them know about this problem.

That’s everything you can do if you encounter the bug where you can’t see your health bar in Roblox. If you’d also like to know how to go offline so that your friends don’t message you while playing games, or how to refund the items you’ve purchased with Robux, check out our related guides for all the info!

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