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Aura Craft: How To Get Pure Aura

Here’s how you can unlock this rare aura.



how to get pure in roblox aura craft

Aura Craft is a combination crafting game much like Infinite Craft where you need to keep mixing elements to find unique outcomes. The difference here is that the results give you auras which have a visual animation and sounds. Speaking of unique, if you’re looking for the recipe to unlock the Pure element, here’s a quick guide that will help you out.

How to Get Pure in Roblox Aura Craft (Recipe)

In Roblox Aura Craft, you can’t obtain the “Pure” aura through a crafting recipe or quest. The only way to unlock Pure is to purchase it from the Rare Aura shop but unfortunately, it’s not a guaranteed purchase. What makes it super rare is that the chance of getting it is 2%.

buy pure from the rare auras shop in aura craft

You can buy it in exchange for coins and if you get some duplicates during your rolls, you will get some in-game cash instead.

Since acquiring “Pure” is based on luck, you can focus on collecting a lot of coins before heading to the Rare Auras shop. Once you do have them, head to the location, interact with the shop, and roll for it. You will get a lot of Sad and Cycle auras so you must keep trying until you unlock Pure.

How to Get Coins Fast

Just by playing the game, you’ll get coin bonuses at set intervals. These rewards typically increase the longer you play, so sticking around for a while is a good strategy. As of now, the approximate numbers are: 50 coins for 5 minutes, 200 coins for 10 minutes, 300 coins for 20 minutes, 500 coins for 30 minutes and so on.

Apart from this, make sure to keep an eye out for them on the map. Coins will show up randomly and you need to walk over them to collect them.

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That’s everything to know about getting the Pure aura in Roblox Aura Craft. For a list of all the known recipes in the game as well as the steps to get Cursed and Freedom, be sure to head to our linked guide here.

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