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How to Find and Catch Fireflies in Soulmask

Want to see better at night? You need the Luminous Waist Lamp which needs some Fireflies.



catch fireflies for the Luminous Waist Lamp

If you’d like to travel through the jungle at night, you need a source of light and that’s the Luminous Waist Lamp. However, to craft it you need Fireflies (among other ingredients), and here’s how to catch these creatures in Soulmask.

Location to Find Fireflies in Soulmask

go near water bodies to find fireflies in soulmask

The general location where you can catch a firefly in Soulmask is next to water bodies like swamps, rivers, lakes, and ponds, specifically at night. Some also suggest that you can find them around the Mysterious Ruins in the starter region, but the former is the more guaranteed bet.

Be prepared with a bug net which requires 3 Branches and 10 Thick Ropes to craft. Once you have it equipped, head over to the area and stealthily approach the Fireflies, because these creatures can be skittish. Crouch with the CTRL button to ensure the Fireflies don’t fly away.

You’ll see them as blinking golden dots which are easy to spot in the dark, especially when they’re in a big group. Slowly walk towards them and swing your bug net to catch them; you may need multiple tries to collect a few.

How to Craft the Luminous Waist Lamp in Soulmask

Once you have at least 2x Fireflies, you need 5x Fiber and 2x Thick Rope to craft the Luminous Waist Lamp. It’s a small bottle that is packed with fireflies which generate light for you to see your surroundings while traveling at night.

That was everything on how to catch Fireflies in Soulmask and how to use it to craft the Waist Lamp. For more Soulmask, be sure to explore our category on Gaming Inbox. For example, here’s where to find Corn, Iron and how to get more Tribesmen.

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