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Where to Get Iron in Soulmask in the Early Game

Here are the map locations where you can find the materials to craft Iron Ingots at the starting section of the game.



how to get iron in soulmask to upgrade gear

There are quite a lot of resources you will need to survive in Soulmask, and one of them is Iron. In this guide, we will show you how to get Iron so that you can upgrade your gear and start smelting.

Where to Find Iron in Soulmask in Early Game

iron ingot materials required

image credit: wak4863 on YouTube

First, you will need Carbon Powder, and the material required to craft this powder on the Grinder’s Bench is 1 Charcoal. If you don’t have the Grinder yet, you can create it with 10 Stones and 5 Planks. For the Charcoal, you require an Earth Kiln and the resources of a Branch, Log, hardwood, and 2 Premium Hardwood.

You can make Iron Ingots in the Blast Furnace and the materials required are 1x Carbon Powder, 2x Iron Ore, 2x Metal Chunks, 2x Metal Parts, and 2x Metal Plates.

ancient ruins dungeon to get metal chunks

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The metal-related items can be collected when you explore the Ancient Ruins dungeons – you can head over to the one marked on the map above.

metal chunk drops from enemies in dungeons

image credit: wak4863 on YouTube

To use the Blast Furnace, you also need coal and you can find it in chests in these dungeons.

open chests to get coal from dungeons in soulmask

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coal ore in the inventory

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While exploring the dungeon and clearing enemies, specifically go ahead to the Mechanical Dungeon area. Fight the Mechanical/Robot enemies and you will get Metal Chunks, Metal Plates, and Metal Parts as loot. And once you have all the necessary materials, you can smelt them down to get iron in Soulmask.

Map Location to Mine Iron in Soulmask

best map location to mine iron ore soulmask

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Head to this map location with a mount if you want to mine Iron Ore directly but remember that you need a Bronze Pickaxe to mine it.

You can craft the Bronze pickaxe weapon at the Craftsman’s Bench with 5 Bronze Ingots, 2 Leather, and 1 Hardwood Handle. As you level up your weapon and your character, you can head to the desert which has a lot more iron but much tougher enemies. Plus, the temperature isn’t really on your side with its extremes during the day and night.

So, in general, these were the best spots to get iron in the early game of Soulmask. With that done, make sure to check out our guide on how to recruit more Tribesmen in the game and how to fast travel across the map.

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