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Where to Get Corn in Soulmask (Best Locations)

You can steal crops from enemy bases or grow your own!



where to get corn in soulmask

Corn in Soulmask can be used in different crafting recipes like Roasted Corn, Blood Crystal, and Corn Flour, but especially for Alpaca, Ostrich, and Llama feeds to tame mounts. Since the map can be pretty huge and covered under fog of war, knowing where to go to find Corn can save a lot of time—here are the best locations where you can get this crop.

How to Get Corn in Soulmask

There are two ways to get corn in Soulmask – you can plant your own crops and harvest corn from there, or you can loot corn from enemy camps.

Planting and Harvesting your own Corn Crops

You’ll need corn seeds to plant. These might be found by looting crates in abandoned settlements, enemy camps, ruins, chests, etc. Of course, you also need to have unlocked Crop Planting on the Technology tree to get started.

After that, you will need a farm plot to plant your seeds. Once you have everything you need, put the seeds in your action bar (under Shortcut Items), stand near the section where you want to grow them, and press the key where the seeds are on the bar to plant. For example, if the Corn seeds are on 9, press 9 on your keyboard.

Keep the farmland watered and fertilized with Bone Powder Fertilizer (made with Feces and Bone/Phosphorus Powder) to ensure proper growth.

While not directly required for planting, having a Granary built at level 20 allows you to manage your farm plots more efficiently and automate the process.

Looting Existing Crops

To steal crops in Soulmask, head to the Flint Tribe Barbarian Barracks shown here on the map.

flint tribe barracks for crops

image credits: KiahOnFire on YouTube

As soon as you reach there, you’ll spot a huge gate. Turn right and there should be plenty of crops there for you to loot including Corn. Explore the other side for more plants to collect.

fang tribe barracks to get crops map location

Fang Tribe Barracks / image credits: KiahOnFire on YouTube

Another location is the Fang Tribe Barracks which is to the south of the Mysterious Portal (Hill) which comes in handy for fast travel. It has plenty of enemies so be prepared. You can also try to evade them all and get to their crop collection.

flint tribe fortress to steal crops

image credits: KiahOnFire on YouTube

The third location is near the Wetland Mysterious Portal, and is the Flint Tribe Fortress. Thanks to KiahOnFire on YouTube for sharing these free crop spots!

Speaking of crops for food, you might want to know how to prevent the food from getting spoiled, and we’ve got all the information you need in our linked guide.

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