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How to Breed Mossanda in Palworld

Check out all the breeding combos to get Mossanda and to use this Pal as a Parent.



How To Breed Mossanda in Palworld

Mossanda is a green grass-type Pal that can be used as a mount but most importantly, also fire a renade launcher while the player is mounted. It’s useful in Planting, Handiwork, Lumbering, and Transporting, so if you’re considering breeding it with two unique Pals, here’s how to get started.

How to Breed Mossanda in Palworld

Here are the Pal Combinations that can give you Mossanda once the breeding is complete.

  • Nitewing + Sibelyx
  • Penking + Warsect
  • Penking + Quivern
  • Cinnamoth + Ragnahawk
  • Grintale + Pyrin
  • Sweepa + Sibelyx

Once you have the necessary Pals for breeding, put them in the Breeding Farm, and add Cake to get started. Wait for a while and you should have an egg. Place this egg in the Incubator and wait some more until it hatches and you will have your very own Mossanda.

Mossanda can be hatched from a Large Verdant Egg but if you’ve already discovered and captured this Pal, then you can combine it with another one and breed a new offspring from them.

To catch Mossanda, head to this region on the map and ensure that you have Fire pals to fight it because it’s weak to this element.

Mossanda location on the map

Mossanda location on the map / Source:

Mossanda in Breeding Combinations as a Parent Pal

Here are the combinations that feature Mossanda as one of the parents while breeding. However, note that one must be a male and the other must be a female for it to work correctly.

  • Mossanda + Penking = Wumpo Botan
  • Mossanda + Rushoar = Petallia
  • Mossanda + Celaray = Vanwyrm
  • Mossanda + Cinnamoth = Wumpo
  • Mossanda + Direhowl = Tombat
  • Mossanda + Woolipop = Dinossom
  • Mossanda + Rayhound = Grizzbolt

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That’s everything on how to breed Mossanda in Palworld. In case you get a lot of duplicates of this Pal, then you can butcher one of them to get drops of Mushroom, Leather, and Tomato Seeds.

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