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How To Breed Orserk In Palworld

Everything to know about the parent pals to breed Orserk and combinations for other offspring.



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Orserk is a highly sought-after Electric element Pal because it’s one of the best Pals for generating electricity. In this guide, you will learn where to find the location of Orserk, how to breed it, and breeding combinations with other Pals to know about.

If you don’t have a Power Generator yet, make sure to follow the steps in our related guide to get it in your base to power up important structures like the Electric Kitchen.

How to Breed Orserk in Palworld

Orserk hatches from a Huge Dragon Egg that you can find in the wild or you can get it by breeding Pals (one male and one female) in the Breeding Farm. You will also need a Cake for breeding. Once you get an egg, put it in an Egg Incubator, wait for a while and you should have this Pal.

The Pals that can combine to create Orserk are Relaxaurus and Grizzbolt. However, if you manage to capture Orserks, you can combine them to get an Orserk offspring.

This is where you can find a Relaxaurus and Grizzbolt in Palworld (Map location):

relaxaurus and grizzbolt map location palworld

Relaxaurus and Grizzbolt map location / Source:

Where to Find Orserk Location on the Map

map location Orserk in Palworld

Orserk Map location / Source:

You can locate an Orserk in Wildlife Sanctuary Number 3, which means there will be PIDF guards there who will attack you and you will get a Wanted Status. So, it’s best to avoid being seen by them and fly over the area on a good flying mount until you spot one. Once you do, weaken and capture it with a higher-level Pal Sphere.

Best Pals to Breed with Orserk (Breeding Combinations)

Now that you have completed the breeding process of Orserk, here are the breeding combos that include it as a Parent Pal.

  • Orserk + Celaray = Azurobe
  • Orserk + Penking = Elizabee
  • Orserk + Cinnamoth = Jormuntide
  • Orserk + Blazamut = Suzaku
  • Orserk + Surfent = Quivern

And there you have it, this is how to breed Orserk in Palworld. If you’re interested in knowing more breeding combinations and map locations of valuable Pals, head over to our Palworld coverage on Gaming Inbox.

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