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How To Breed Jormuntide Palworld

Check out the Jormuntide breeding combos, map location and which Pals can be used to breed with it.

How to breed Jormuntide in Palworld? If you’re not able to fight this Pal or didn’t find its egg out in the wild, breeding it is the best way to get it.

As you know, the Jormuntide is a Water/Dragon element Pal that can be used as a mount and its Stormbringer Sea Dragon Partner skill will prevent stamina depletion while moving over water, which can be pretty helpful. It also has a Work Suitability of Watering 4 and has some interesting attacks in combat. So, here are the breeding combos that will get you this Pal.

How to Breed Jormuntide Palworld

Luckily, there are multiple combinations of Pals that will unlock a Huge Dragon Egg that can hatch into a Jormuntide.

  • Cinnamoth + Cryolinx
  • Nitewing + Grizzbolt
  • Sweepa + Beakon
  • Mossanda + Helzephyr
  • Nitewing + Helzephyr
  • Cinnamoth + Orserk
  • Penking + Jetragon

Once you have one male and one female Pal of any of the above combinations, put them in the Breeding Farm, add Cake, and wait for the egg to show up. When that happens, place the egg in the incubator, wait for the designated period and it should hatch into a Jormuntide. If you’re looking to reduce the egg incubation time and speed up the process, there are two ways to make it happen.

Where to Find Jormuntide

If you want to venture out to locate, fight, and capture Jormuntide, here are the map locations where you can find this Pal.

Where to Find Jormuntide map location
Where to Find Jormuntide map location / Source: Palworld.gg

Which Pals can be used for breeding with Jormuntide?

  • Jormuntide + Grizzbolt = Menasting
  • Jormuntide + Lyleen Noct = Menasting
  • Jormuntide + Helzephyr = Menasting
  • Jormuntide + Beakon = Menasting
  • Jormuntide + Shadowbeak = Helzephyr
  • Jormuntide + Paladius = Helzephyr
  • Jormuntide + Necromus = Helzephyr
  • Jormuntide + Jetragon = Helzephyr

And there you have it! If you’re also interested in breeding the Jormuntide Ignis or the location to find its egg, here’s a guide that will help you out.

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