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How to Get and Use a Power Generator in Palworld

Get a Power Generator to power up your base with electricity, which is a crucial requirement for structures further ahead in the game.

The Power Generator in Palworld is a useful part of the infrastructure that can help you run other structures that require electricity. Basically, the Electric Pals at the base can store electricity due to this, which means you can use electric facilities for cooking and more. Here’s how to get started with it and the structures that need electricity.

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How to Get a Power Generator in Palworld for Electricity

You require 20 Electric Organs and 50 Ingots to craft a Power Generator. It will unlock at Level 26 and needs 3 Technology points.

Electric Organs are drops from Electric Pals like Grizzbolt, Univolt, Beakon, Mossanda Lux, Sparkit, Dazzi, Jolthog, Rayhound, and Relaxaurus Lux.

To get Ingots, you have to harvest Ores from Ore Nodes or Rocks with the help of a Pickaxe. Then, use a Primitive Furnace to make Ingots out of it.

If you don’t have a Primitive Furnace yet, it can be unlocked at Technology Level 10 and costs 3 points to unlock. You need 20 Wood, 50 Stone, and 3 Flame Organs to craft it. You can get Flame Organs from Fire Pals as drops so they should be fairly easy to obtain.

Which Structures Need Electricity in Palworld?

crafting power generator
Place a Power Generator in your Base for Electricity / Source: Udisen Games

Now that you have a Power Generator ready and placed in your base, these are the structures that need electricity, ranging from Coolers to Kitchens to Assembly Lines.

  • Electric Cooler
  • Electric Furnace
  • Electric Heater
  • Electric Kitchen
  • Electric Medicine Workbench
  • Electric Pylon
  • Production Assembly Line
  • Production Assembly Line II
  • Sphere Assembly Line
  • Sphere Assembly Line II
  • Weapon Assembly Line
  • Weapon Assembly Line II
  • Street Lamp Set
  • Antique Lamp Set
relaxaurus lux electric pal for power generator
You need an Electric pal for your Power Generator

Do note that it also needs an Electric Pal to work efficiently, so, assign one to it and watch it generate electricity for you.

You can decide to have a dedicated power grid area with multiple Power Generators and Electric Pals, but of course, maintain good working conditions so that your Pals don’t work themselves to complete burnout. As you keep leveling up, choose Electric Pals that have higher Work Suitability to keep your Generators powered up, especially in the late game.

Best Electric Pals for Generating Electricity

Here are the Electric Pals to prioritize over time:

  • Orserk (Generating Electricity 4)
  • Grizzbolt (Generating Electricity 3)
  • Relaxaurus Lux (Generating Electricity 3)
  • Mossanda Lux (Generating Electricity 2)
  • Univolt (Generating Electricity 2)

That’s all for this one, but if you are also curious to know which are the best Pals for Coal Mining, here are some of our recommendations. For more such crafting and Pal breeding guides, be sure to explore our Palworld section on Gaming Inbox.

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