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Why Can’t I Unfriend Someone on Roblox?

Trying to remove another user from your friends list on Roblox, but it’s not working out? Here are the reasons why.



why cant i unfriend user on roblox

To unfriend a user on Roblox, you need to head to their profile and click on the Unfriend button. However, sometimes this may not work, leading you to wonder why can’t they be unfriended? There could be multiple reasons why this is happening — take a look at the causes and solutions here.

Why Can’t I Unfriend Someone on Roblox?

  • It’s a widespread bug that has come up after an update.
  • It’s a temporary technical glitch.
  • Your browser extension is interfering with the action.
  • The user is banned.

how to unfriend someone roblox

Can’t Unfriend Another User due to a Bug or a Glitch

There have been bugs on Roblox where users were not able to accept/send friend requests and remove them from the friend list. While such issues get resolved soon, they might crop up again in the future. Simply wait it out and you should be able to unfriend someone on Roblox after a while.

Sometimes, the glitch can be temporary. Try logging out of Roblox and logging back in, or using a different device to see if that resolves the problem.

Issues Created due to Browser Extension

In rare cases, a browser extension might be interfering with Roblox’s website. This might be the case if you have multiple extensions running at the same time. Disable every extension one by one and check if you’re able to unfriend another user.

Trying to Unfriend a Banned User

If the person you’re trying to unfriend is banned, you can’t unfriend them through their profile because the profile won’t be available. However, you can still unfollow them from your followers list.

  • Go to your Profile by clicking on the profile picture.
  • Click on See All next to the Friends tab.
  • Click on the Followers tab.

followers tab under friends list roblox

  • Find and click on the user. Their profile box should be deactivated.
  • Click on the three-dot menu.
  • Lastly, hit Unfollow.

unfollow banned user on roblox

Roblox Servers are Down

roblox server status

Check whether Roblox servers are down at the moment because if that’s the case, you may see an internal server error and won’t be able to go ahead with unfriending other players.

Head to the official @roblox social media accounts for any announcements regarding downtime and when the platform will be up and running.

Try a Different Browser or Platform

If you’re trying to remove a friend from your list on PC and it’s not working, try doing the same from your mobile device and vice versa. You can also try using Mozilla if you’re currently using Chrome, or any other browser just to see if it works.

That’s everything Roblox users can do if they want to unfriend someone and what to do if they can’t perform this action at the moment. Since you’re a Roblox fan, find out how to reactivate your account after a 1-day bancheck your pending Robuxsee your favorites, and the cost of the rare Headless Head bundle.

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