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Is Brookhaven Getting Deleted in 2024? (Answered)

Find out if a Roblox game with thousands of active players can actually get deleted.



is brookhaven getting removed

Brookhaven RP is one of the most popular games on Roblox ever, with a whopping 415K+ players active at the time of writing and 47.3B+ visits. So, it came as a huge surprise when rumors of Brookhaven getting deleted in 2024 started swirling in the community, leading to panic among players.

While a few rumors can be true, most aren’t — know the truth about this particular one right here.

Is Brookhaven Getting Deleted in 2024?

  • Thankfully, Roblox Brookhaven is not shutting down this year or next year.

These rumors were spread due to some fake screenshots that appear to be from the official Twitter account of Brookhaven.

One of them says, “We are very sad to inform you guys that the game will no longer be on Roblox from (a fake date). This is because of the free assets we use, resulting in them getting deleted. So we will have to re-build and remake the whole game which can take a year! We are sad to say this. No money back guaranteed.”

fake screenshot of roblox brookhaven getting deleted

Fake Twitter screenshot of Brookhaven getting deleted

There’s another fake screenshot from the official @roblox account that says “We don’t care how sad you are, Brookhaven will be deleted on (date), there’s nothing we can do anymore, the game is a complete disaster.”

fake twitter screenshot of brookhaven shutting down

These screenshots are not real and are “pranks” on the Roblox community, so don’t worry about your favorite game being deleted. This has happened to other Roblox games as well and those games are thriving today.

If you ever see rumors or screenshots about a Roblox game being deleted, it’s always a good idea to check for official announcements from Roblox. There were no announcements from the official Roblox account about deleting Brookhaven. Plus, the rumors included details that didn’t make sense, like Roblox deleting the game because of “scary faces.”

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