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How to Farm Beautiful Flower in Palworld (Map Location)

To craft certain things, including the Flower Bed, you will need a higher quantity of Beautiful Flowers - here's how to farm this material.

Beautiful Flower in Palworld is an ingredient that has multiple uses. It can be used to make Suspicious Juice and Strange Juice both of which increase a Pal’s work speed but lowers SAN. It can also be used to build a Flower Bed (level 24) which when placed, will improve the gathering efficiency of Pals in your base. So, if this is your next goal, here’s how to get Beautiful Flower easily!

How to Get Beautiful Flower in Palworld

Beautiful Flower can be acquired as drops from Ribbuny, Petallia, Lyleen, and special Gumoss with red flowers on their heads. It is also a possible drop from Wumpo Botan. The Alpha variant of Petallia is also sure to drop the Beautiful Flower and these are the map locations of the Pals.

alpha petallia boss location on map
Alpha Petallia Boss Location on Map^
wumpo botan map location palworld
Wumpo Botan Map Location Palworld^
gumoss map location
Gumoss Map Location^
lyleen location on palworld map
Lyleen Location in Palworld Map^
petallia map location on palworld
Petallia Map Location in Palworld^
ribunny map location
Ribunny Map Location^

If you already have duplicates of the required Pals and are okay with getting rid of one, you can check out how to butcher Pals to obtain their drops while at your base.

Aside from that, there are three locations where you can find the Beautiful Flower material on the Palworld map:

  • No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary (Location coordinates: 90, -735) – This is also where you can find Petallia.
  • No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary (Location coordinates: -675, -113)
  • No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary (Location coordinates: 669, 640)

The Flower Bed at Technology Level 24 has crafting material requirements of 50 Wood, 100 Stone, 40 Cement, and 20 Beautiful Flowers. Similarly, the Wumpo Botan Saddle at Technology Level 45 requires a lot of items to craft – 36 Leather, 60 Fiber, 48 Paldium Fragments, 12 Refined Ingots, and 24 Beautiful Flowers. Due to this, you will need to farm Beautiful Flowers and that can be best done by exploring the Wildlife Sanctuaries.

How to Farm Beautiful Flowers (Best Location)

You will need a flying mount or one that you can ride over water like the Jormuntide. Cross the waters to reach No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary and explore the island for bright red flowers everywhere.

This is the riskiest but potentially fastest method. However, entering these areas is considered illegal and will trigger criminal activity with PDIF troops attacking you. Be prepared for combat and bring strong Pals to defend yourself.

The Flowers will respawn so you can keep heading back there often.

If you also end up finding eggs in the wild, don’t forget to check out how to speed up egg incubation time in Palworld as well.

Map images courtesy of palworld.gg

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