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How to Get Infinity Aura in Aura Craft

With these steps, you can get the infinity symbol on your back in the game.



how to get infinity aura craft roblox

Like Infinite Craft, you can also craft Infinity in Roblox Aura Craft. Since the core mechanic of Aura Craft is combining different elemental auras to create new ones, there are many recipes that require multiple steps. However, that’s not the case with Infinity – it’s pretty simple and can be made in the initial stage of the game.

If you’d like to get your hands on this unique aura, be sure to follow our recipe guide here.

How to Get Infinity Aura in Roblox Aura Craft

The first thing you need is the Time ingredient. You won’t have it by default, but it will unlock quickly after you spend a minute in the game.

time and time combine to make infinite

Screenshot by Gaming Inbox

Now, drag a second Time element and drop it on the Time block. This will create ‘Infinite’.

recipe for infinite block aura craft

Screenshot by Gaming Inbox

While the text will say Infinite, the icon/aura you will see behind your character will look like an Infinity symbol in Aura Craft. It will follow you wherever you walk around on the map and you can show off this unique look to your friends.

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So, in a nutshell, to craft the Infinity Aura in Aura Craft, you need to combine two Time blocks. While the aura effect isn’t as flashy as the black hole or some other auras, it’s an important ingredient for crafting many other fun auras in the game.

Now that you have the ‘infinity’ aura in Aura Craft, you can explore different combinations using the Infinity Aura to unlock even cooler effects. For instance,

  • Infinite + Blossom = Spring
  • Infinite + Crown = Emperor
  • Infinite + God = Vision
  • Infinite + Infinite = Mystery
  • Infinite + Monk = Abundance
  • Energy + Infinite = Eternal
  • Rng + Infinite = Rhythm
  • Time + Infinite = Future
  • Vortex + Infinite = Infinite Vortex

Check out our list of all known Aura Craft recipes right here. Plus, you can read our guides on how to get the rare Pure aura, Cursed, and Freedom in the game to get some easy recipes out of the way.

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