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How to Restore Mask Energy in Soulmask

This is how you can recharge your Mask Energy so that you can keep using the abilities crucial for survival.



how to restore mask energy soulmask

Mask energy in Soulmask is the power source that fuels your character’s mask abilities. These abilities can be very helpful for navigating the world as well as for combat, but they drain your mask energy quickly. You will need it for your mask’s special functions like Active Sonar and Life Perception. So, if the energy is depleting (you can check it under Mask Node Repair tab), here is how to restore it easily.

How to Recharge Mask Energy in Soulmask

To replenish Mask Energy, you can use a Sunstone which is described in-game as a “high-energy storage unit left over by an unknown civilization. Only recovers 100 Energy for the current mask after use due to poor preservation.”

sunstone to replenish mask energy soulmask

These green gems can be found in various places like Ancient Relic chests in Mysterious Ruins (even in the early game) and on some NPCs.

unlock ancient relic chest in mysterious ruins

Image Source: Sovereign RPG on YouTube

Once you have the stone, right-click on it in your inventory and click on Use. Keep using a couple or more until your Mask Energy increases, so if you need 400 more, use 4 Sunstones at a time.

How to Manage Mask Energy

sunstone in soulmask

  • Use your mask abilities strategically and avoid spamming them unless necessary.
  • Keep a stock of Sunstones in your inventory for emergencies.
  • Consistently explore the world to find more Sunstones and hidden caches.

And that’s pretty much it! By being mindful of your mask energy and using it wisely, you can ensure you have the power you need to survive in the world of Soulmask.

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