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Soulmask: How to Fill Water Trough for Animals

Keep animals hydrated by building a trough near them at the base – here’s how to keep the water filled up.



how to fill water in animal trough soulmask

The Water Trough is an important structure that will help you provide water to animals you have in your base. Your mounts (Jaguars, Llamas) as well as breeding animals in their coop/pen will consistently need water to survive. Thankfully, you can build the Trough at the building workshop, and once you do that, here’s how to fill it with water.

How to Craft the Water Trough in Soulmask

To build the trough, you require the crafting materials of x24 Planks and x6 Wooden Handles.

Planks can be made at the Carpenter’s Table with a Log and the latter can be obtained by swinging a Stone Axe (Recipe: 3 Stones and 1 Branch) on a tree. A Wooden Handle also requires 1 Log and 1 Branch. Branches are easily found on the map on the ground and if you don’t see them in a particular area, you can chop down trees as well.

How to Craft the Water Tank for the Trough

Now that you have built the Animal Water Trough, here’s how to fill it with water. What you need is a Water Tank for which you need 20 Clay, 2 Leather Rope and 2 Ceramic Mold.

water tank soulmask recipe

image source: GhostArrow on YouTube

How to Get Clay

mine clay near water bodies

image source: Quick Tips on YouTube

You can find Clay veins near water bodies like rivers and lakes and once you do, mine them with your pickaxe.

How to Get Leather Rope

Leather Rope can be crafted at the Loom with Rough Leather and 2x Leather. You can covert Beast Hide, Pelt, and Deerskin at the Tanning Rack to get Rough Leather, whereas you can use Tanning Fluid at the same crafting station for Leather. Tanning Fluid can be obtained by using 2x Vine and 2x Tree Bark at the Tanning Rack.

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How to Get Ceramic Mold

ceramic mold

image source: Quick Tips on YouTube

Ceramic Mold can be crafted with 10x Clay at the Potting Table.

How to Fill Water in the Trough in Soulmask

collect water from rivers or lakes

image source: GhostArrow on YouTube

  • With all the materials collected, you can craft a Water Tank in Soulmask. Carry it with you by dragging it to My Personal Belongings.
  • Now head to the water source and press E to keep filling up the tank. This will draw water from there.
  • Go back to your base and approach the Animal Water Trough in Soulmask. Don’t forget to add the Water tank to the Shortcut items, so that it’s assigned a number.
  • When you’re close to the Trough, press that particular number and press the left mouse button to fill up the water.

Whenever you see the ‘insufficient water, unable to use’ message, be sure to follow this process to fill the water trough and raise your animals successfully.

That was everything on how to fill the water trough in Soulmask. While navigating the harsh world of this game, your tribesmen might catch contagious diseases—here’s how you can cure them. Plus, make sure you know how to keep food unspoiled for longer and how to unlock more of the map under the fog of war easily.

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