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Soulmask Adhesive: Where to Find this Material (Location)

Here’s where to find and get Adhesive in Soulmask, which is used for Armor crafting and more.



adhesive material

There are lots of resources and materials you need as you try to survive in Soulmask and one of them is Adhesive or glue. This item cannot be crafted but you can find it in a particular location on the map (make sure the fog of war has been cleared). Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to do.

Soulmask Adhesive Location

soulmask adhesive location on the map

The location to find Adhesive is in the desert region of the map. There will be challenging enemies here so be sure to carry some bandages and good weapons for combat. Once you reach the northeast part of the map (using the Mysterious Portal), go to the Ancient Ruins Dungeon in the Wasteland to get Adhesive as a loot in Soulmask. Look for Supplies Chests which will also provide some more materials like food, drinks, gold ingots etc. There should be multiple chests that you can loot in this place, so explore as much as you can.

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Do keep in mind that the Wasteland is a harsh region that has a dry climate and dangerous/radiated creatures. The tough environment will damage your health and you need some strategic decisions to navigate it during storms. If you can take on the Wasteland in the later part of the game, you will get access to various valuable resources which are crucial for high-level crafting.

How to Use Adhesive in Soulmask?

Now that you have Adhesive after braving the Wasteland and its inhabitants, you can use it for multiple things.

adhesive in soulmask used for saber toothed predator leather armor

image credit: CobraSniper1331 on YouTube

It is one of the materials to craft and repair Saber-toothed Predator Leather Armor which requires 1 Iron Costume, 2 Saber-toothed Predator Hide, and 4 Adhesives.

There’s also the Advanced Saber-toothed Predator Leather Armor that needs 4 Saber-toothed Predator Hide, 4 Adhesives and 4 Amber.

Plus, the Frog Leather Armor also needs 1 Iron Costume, 2 Fogfrog skins and 4 Adhesives and the Vajra Ape Set also needs it along with Vajra Ape Hide and Iron Costume. This goes on to the Mammoth Set Armor and since you will upgrade this over time, you need to have a steady supply for Adhesives. You might need it for a few other crafts as well.

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