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Soulmask: How to Tame Llama to Get a Mount (Location Guide)

The Llama is a great mount due to its carry capacity, and here’s how you can tame it in Soulmask.



how to tame llama mount soulmask

The Llama in Soulmask is a mount that can help you move long distances across the map. Moreover, it can also carry stuff for you, like an unconscious Barbarian or small livestock. For this and more, you might want to know how to tame a Llama in Soulmask. Here’s a breakdown of the entire process.

How to Tame Llama and Unlock Mount in Soulmask

First, you will need Medium Traps, Llama Feed, and good weapons. Llama feed can be crafted with 2x Corn at the Cooking Stove or you can directly use Corn as well. A Medium Trap can be crafted with 15x Hardwood, 5x Plank, 20x Thatch, and 5x Thick Rope at the Building Workshop. Carry some extra resources with you to repair the trap, if needed.

medium trap

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corn llama feed

When you’ve got all the items and ingredients you need, let’s get started with the capturing process.

Llama Locations in Soulmask

Head to locations that are known to have multiple Llamas roaming about. Areas near the Mysterious Portal (Hill) or further north on the map can be helpful.

location to find llamas in soulmask on map

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Spot a baby Llama who will be hanging out with the adults. Be careful around the baby because it is skittish and will run away if you approach aggressively. Kill the adult Llamas present around it to clear the way. This is where your weapons will come in handy because these creatures can be fast.

Now it’s time to set the Medium Trap near the baby Llama with the feed. Make sure you are not spotted while you’re doing this, so crouch to move, place the trap and go into hiding. If you want to have multiple tries, then create more than one trap while crafting. Damaged traps can also be repaired if you have the right materials.

Since you’ve kept the feed, the baby will be lured into the trap. Pick it up and take it back to your base.

Place the baby llama next to a feeding trough filled with llama feed or sweet corn. You will also need to provide water with a water trough.

Over time, the baby llama will grow into an adult llama you can ride and use for carrying items. You can now use the Llama as a mount, just like the Jaguar in Soulmask.

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