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Roblox Pass Creation Failed Error

Facing issues while trying to upload a gamepass to Roblox? These workarounds might come to the rescue.



creating gamepass for pls donate not working

If you’re a Roblox Studio user encountering the “Pass creation failed” error along with the message, “Please inspect the logs or network tab or contact us if this problem persists,” there are multiple reasons why this could be happening. Some users are also getting the error code 403 (Forbidden), and in this guide, we will explain some ways to potentially fix this issue and create your gamepass easily.

Roblox Pass Creation Failed Error

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How to Fix Roblox Pass Creation Failed Error

Users who are facing the ‘Pass Creation Failed’ error while trying to upload a gamepass to Roblox need to first make sure that the game is set to Public.

making roblox experience public

Image Source: Roblox

  • Go to the Creator Dashboard.
  • Find the experience and click on the 3 dots at the top right corner of the thumbnail.
  • From the menu that appears, click on Make Public.
  • After this, you can attempt to create a game pass again.

If you’re getting the 403 Forbidden error, it basically means that you are not allowed to access it based on the credentials you’ve provided. Make sure you’re uploading the gamepass to the right game and that you have all the required permissions to do so.

Also, it could be a temporary glitch which may be resolved by refreshing the page but if you’ve already tried it, it could be a server-side issue as well. Wait a bit and make sure to try again after some time. Check whether Roblox servers are working properly via downdetector because outages can impact anything from your friends list, unfriending options to even gamepasses.

Aside from this, there could be issues with your internet connection, or conflict with your antivirus or VPN which can also make this error appear.

If you’re trying to make a gamepass for Pls Donate, you can create a new experience and create a gamepass from there.

Lastly, if nothing else works, contact Roblox support via this page. Add your contact information like your username, email address, and the device you’re having the problem on.

roblox support for pass creation error

Under Type of Help, select Technical Support and choose Specific Experience Issue. Then, add a description of the issue and hit Continue.

That’s all for this one! If you also want to know how to reactivate your account after a 1-day bancheck your pending Robuxsee your favorites, and the cost of the rare Headless Head bundle, head over to our articles right here.

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