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Soulmask: How to Get Blue Crystals for Mask Nodes

There are two ways to farm Blue Crystals and here’s where you should go to collect them.



blue crystal in inventory

Blue Crystals in Soulmask are items that can be used to repair mask nodes and since it’s such an important resource, you should know where to find a lot of them. Here’s a guide that shows the two ways to collect this item.

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How to Get Blue Crystals in Soulmask

Exploring is one way to get Blue Crystals in the game—loot chests in Ancient Ruins, Dungeons, Holy Ruins, and higher level Barbarian Fortress to get your hands on them.

locations to find blue crystals soulmask

Apart from this, you can also harvest them from Temple Guardians, which is the more reliable way to get Blue Crystals. The Sabertooth boss is a popular target because it can be defeated relatively quickly and consistently drops a few Blue Crystals.

Here’s how to use Blue Crystals on Mask Nodes:

blue crystal to repair mask node in soulmask

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  • Press T to open up the Mask.
  • This will bring you to the Mask Node Repair tab.
  • Look for nodes that specifically mention Blue Crystals as a cost.
  • Activate the Node.
  • If you have enough Blue Crystals and meet any other requirements (like character level), you should be able to activate the node and gain the new ability or enhancement.

Here are some additional tips for using Blue Crystals:

  • Prioritize: They are a finite resource, so use them wisely! Decide which abilities are most important to your playstyle and focus on unlocking those nodes first.
  • Save for Advanced Masks: Some higher-tier masks might have more powerful nodes that require a significant investment of Blue Crystals.
  • Consider Difficulty: If you’re playing on a harder difficulty, you might need to prioritize defensive or survival-oriented nodes to progress.

By strategically using Blue Crystals on Mask Nodes, you can customize your mask and enhance your character’s effectiveness in Soulmask.

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