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How to Get Gold in Soulmask

Here’s where to find Gold Ore, Ingots and Obsidian in Soulmask!



gold ingot in soulmask

Gold Ore is an ingredient in the crafting recipe of Gold Ingot, which is in turn used for making buildings like Golden Alpaca, Golden Corn and more. If you already know how to get Copper Ore, Tin Ore but not sure where to find the rare Gold Ore in Soulmask, this guide will be useful. Moreover, there’s also Gold Obsidian which is used in plenty of crafting recipes.

Where to Find Gold Ore in Soulmask

Gold Ore has a low chance to appear if you mine Iron Ore deposits but the more reliable option is to take out enemies in Barbarian camps and loot their chests. Make sure you are bringing your mount along because the map is vast and going on foot will be very time consuming.

The map locations that you want to visit for Gold are:

  • Western Rainforest (Flint Tribe)
  • Northern Rainforest (Claw Tribe)
  • Mangrove (Flint Tribe)
  • Pit Hill (Fang Tribe)
  • Table Mountain (Fang Tribe)
  • Giant Wood Forest (Claw Tribe)
  • Barren Meadow (Claw Tribe)
  • Frostleaf Grove (Flint Tribe)
  • Alpine Land (Fang Tribe)

gold trinket

You may also find Gold Ingots, Gold Trinkets among all the other resources like equipment, food, essence, healing items and more. But be sure to check the enemy level before going in for a fight and ensure that you have all the right level of weapons as well.

How to Get Gold Ingots

To make Gold Ingots, you need x1 Gold Ore and x2 Gold Trinkets and you can use the Furnace to obtain it easily.

With x50 Gold Ingots, you can create a Golden Alpaca, and with x40 Ingots, you can make the Golden Corn building at the Building Workshop. You can also collect these Ingots from chests in Ancient Ruins.

ancient ruins chest to get gold ingot

Image credit: Horizon Gaming on YouTube

gold ingots in chest

Image credit: Horizon Gaming on YouTube

How to Get Gold Obsidian in Soulmask

gold obsidian

Gold Obsidian is used as an ingredient to craft Armor Enhancement, Enhanced Gauntlets, Enhanced Hammer, Enhancer Great Sword and more such weapons. It can be found in Holy Ruins (Scorching Volcano), Alpine Land Dungeon, Barbarian Fortress at the Lakeside Forest (Flint Tribe), as well as the Dark Forest (Claw Tribe).

This should help you get started with collecting Gold in Soulmask. If you’d also like to know where to find Blue Crystals,  how to make poison arrows, how to recharge Mask Energy, as well as tips on finding resources like adhesivehow to fill water trough for animalshow to move base, and get rid of radiation, be sure to check out our articles.

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